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5 Tips for Refreshing Your Digital Marketing Copy


In addition to helping clients save money on their income taxes and guiding them towards making quality business decisions, you may find yourself needing to write marketing content from time to time. But how can you produce quality pieces without spending hours on another task? Hinge Marketing's Lee Frederiksen has some advice.

Apr 22nd 2021
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Today’s digital marketing campaigns run on quality content. The challenge is maintaining both quality and quantity. You need to be posting valuable pieces on a regular basis, but who has the time to be constantly generating topical, informative, articles and blog posts that will draw your target audiences?

Let’s face it – quality writing takes time to produce. The problem is, your firm’s high-level leaders and subject matter experts are probably too busy meeting with prospects or working with existing clients to carve out time for producing high-quality content to help fill the sales funnel.

If your marketing team finds itself struggling to crank out a steady stream of quality content, take heart.  There are five proven tips to help you repurpose and revitalize existing pieces to create fresh, new content without having to reinvent the wheel every time you need to post something:

1. Address a new market with an old post

Different markets can share similar problems, so why not take a piece created for one audience and revise it to suit another? For example, if you have a series of blog posts that address common accounting concerns of a particular industry – let’s say appliance manufacturing – do those same, or similar, issues concern other manufacturers, such as power equipment companies? If so, you can replace the old industry’s data with the new one’s and use relevant, industry-specific examples to prove your points. Before you know it, you’ve got a new set of articles for a new audience.

2. Issue updates

If your accounting firm finds itself addressing the same client concerns on a regular basis, such as employee acquisition and retention or regulatory compliance issues, consider updating an old post with new information if the original piece is still relevant and promote it as an important update.

3. Turn a tip list into an article series

Every serious digital marketer has at least one “list” article in their marketing toolbox. Those are posts like this one that offer “5 Tips for…” or “5 Ways to….” help readers solve a problem. So take that list of points and flesh each one out into a fully-fledged article. With minimal added effort, you can create a series of valuable pieces based on a single original post.

4. Create a single post from several related ones

If your firm has produced a number of related posts, such as a series discussing a variety of year-end tax return considerations, think about combining them into a single “highlights” article with each of the original posts condensed into a paragraph or two under a title such as “Everything You Need to Consider before Filing Your Tax Return.”

5. Develop longer, more valuable “whitepapers” from existing posts

The strategy here is to do the opposite of the previous tip – combine and expand several older, related posts into a longer, comprehensive Executive Guide or whitepaper to create a more valuable “offer” piece for attracting leads. Turn each original post into a chapter, write some transitional text to tie them all together, and design an attractive layout and cover to complete the package. You now have an effective tool for gathering leads behind a website registration form as well as a valuable leave-behind at in-person events and presentations (as soon as we can get back to those!).

The saying “content is king” may be getting old now, but it still holds true. To build your brand, develop thought leadership, and become a Visible Expert® you need to produce regular, consistent, high-quality content. Finding ways to breathe new life into old content can go a long way in helping you do that more efficiently and with less effort.       

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