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5 More Nontraditional Jobs for Accountants


One of AccountingWEB's most popular posts has remained "Five Nontraditional Jobs for Accountants," which details five interesting career paths people with backgrounds in accounting can take. Here, in her first post for our site, Erin Bogdanovich of the Adecco Group discusses five more fascinating and nontraditional jobs accountants are a great fit for.

Jun 2nd 2021
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Accountants have a unique and highly coveted skill set – not everyone is skilled at analyzing data and working with finances. However, it’s possible that the role you’ve been traditionally doing may no longer be challenging or exciting. If that’s the case, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s okay to grow out of your role and to pursue something different, even if that career move may appear non-traditional or be different than what you envisioned when you entered the field.

Oftentimes people -- especially those who have been in one field for the majority of their professional lives -- think there is one straight and narrow career path available to them. This may make them feel like their career options are finite. What they may not realize, though, is all of the skills and unique insights they’ve obtained from their experience and how those can be transferred to a new opportunity.

The hard, analytical and organizational skills that most successful accountants possess are transferrable to multiple roles and industries. Additionally, through servicing clients from various industries, many accountants have familiarity and understanding of industries different from their own. Highlighting these unique traits and experiences on a resume and in interviews can position you for opportunities you might not have previously considered.

So you may ask yourself: What can I do with my accounting degree and years of experience when I want a new challenge? Below are five nontraditional careers for accountants to consider:

1. Business Operations Manager: A business operations manager analyzes data from multiple departments to help companies see how different initiatives work together and ultimately streamline operations. In this role, you have the opportunity to work with several departments and analyze business financials, but it’s not focused just on crunching numbers. Drawing on your background in accounting and your experience working with company data and other metrics, moving to operations will help you make sound financial decisions for the organization.

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