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4 Types of Emails You Should be Sending to Your Clients

May 2nd 2019
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You are looking for a personal way to talk to your clients. You realize you need to engage with your clients more than during tax season or when requesting receipts. Or you want to increase your service offerings to your existing clientele. Whatever your goal is, an email newsletter is a great way to get in front of your clients.

One doesn’t welcome just anyone into their inbox, however. As their trusted accountant, they are eager to open a personal email from you. But what to say?

Over the past three years, my partner and I have developed a loyal and large email newsletter following with a 47 percent open rate. After working with accountants, we have tuned this strategy to help them connect with clients.

A smart email strategy starts with determining what type of email you are going to send and involves two questions:

  1. What to say? You can write with purpose knowing the type of message you seek to convey.
  2. Why do they care? Your audience opens your email to get something out of it. They want to learn from you. Have your takeaway message at the top of your draft so you are focused on how they will benefit.

What type of email are you sending?

It’s Saturday morning. The coffee is hot, you are comfortable in your den, and you are ready to write. Before you start writing a stream of consciousness, let’s pause to decide what type of email you’re going to send and why.

By knowing the purpose of your message, you will find your creativity and an unhindered voice.

The four main types of emails for your audience are the following:

Relationship-Building Emails

You’re an accountant or bookkeeper in the business of helping people. But before you can help people you need to gain — or keep — their trust. Your client or prospect has invited you into their inbox, which is a big deal. These emails nurture that relationship.

Authority-Building Emails

You’re great at what you do, and that’s part of the reason clients hire you. Authority-building emails help remind them that you know what you’re talking about. These aren’t over the top; these emails show them that you know what you’re talking about and help them feel in the know. Your authority isn’t just about you.

Problem-Solving Emails

Your clients and prospective clients have problems. You are hired as their solution. Notice a trend that people are struggling with? It’s a perfect topic for a problem-solving email.

Action-Taking Emails

These emails lead your client to take direct action. Technically, all of your emails should have some call-to-action in them, but these emails’ sole purpose is to move someone to action. That action could be scheduling a check-in or referring a new client.

You’ll want to use all of these emails in your email marketing strategy. Before you sit down to write the email decide: what’s it going to be today? Are you going to build a relationship, position yourself as an authority, solve their problem, or get them to take an action?

With tax season coming to a close, take the opportunity to send a relationship-building email to your clients. It can be a friendly thank-you email for their support during the tax season and to wish them financial success in 2019.

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