3 Ways to Maintain High Standards as You Grow

How to keep up with firm growth
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Accountants and bookkeepers who decide to open their own practice do so with a variety of goals in mind. Some may find the freedom and flexibility that come with running a successful business attractive in terms of trying to best manage their personal lives, especially if they have a family. Others want to chart their own course and be their own boss.

No matter what the reason for starting a business, accountants and bookkeepers often share one common objective: to deliver the best possible services for their clients.

Your first client may be your sole focus when you start your business, giving you ample time to answer questions and deliver results. However, with each new client added to your roster, it becomes more difficult to maintain the same high level of service and individualized attention.

That being said, having more clients doesn’t mean its okay to let anyone feel underserved, since continuing to meet their expectations as you scale up is critical to both ensuring their satisfaction as well as making sure your business continues to grow via referrals.

Maintaining high standards and quality shouldn’t be left up to chance. Here are three strategies you can deploy at your growing accounting or bookkeeping practice to deliver exceptional results to your clients:

1. Hire Additional Help

Ultimately, there are only so many hours in the day. As your business grows, there may come a point when you can’t reasonably take on any additional new hires without compromising the quality of service you deliver. For this reason, it’s a good idea to start thinking about hiring before you need extra help. You can consider bringing in someone for occasional help with certain projects or with certain tasks, or you can employ a part-time assistant to offer more regular help. 

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