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3 Easy Ways to Expand Your Client Base


Reaching new clients is essential to growing your practice. But while design thinking might help you come up with new services to offer, how can you reach people you don't work with (yet)? Here are three simple tips you can use to expand your client base.

Jul 27th 2022
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On February 15 this year, Sarah Twigg of Twigg Accountancy Services shared with Jo Wood and Zoe Whitman of 6 Figure Bookkeeper that she was now fully booked. Sarah also said she was earning more running her practice than the salary she used to earn as an employee.

Her business started trading in January.

Given how many times we have conversations with bookkeepers who are struggling to find clients, such a claim might seem unbelievable. 

In fact, Sarah told us that she didn’t just have the leads who became clients, she had 40 enquiries in that short time, and didn’t take them all on.

How can somebody like Sarah, new in practice, find so many clients so quickly, and how did she find clients who were ready to pay the right fees for the work she wanted to and was most skilled at doing, allowing Sarah to leave her job and go all-in on self employment?

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