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Geni Whitehouse

Geni Whitehouse on Loving the Work You Do


We're sitting down with some of the expert speakers and panelists you can meet at AccountingWEB Live Summit this May 9-12, 2022, in San Diego, for a sneak peek into why they joined the Summit, what they are most looking forward to and how their expertise can help accountants like you. 

Apr 18th 2022
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AccountingWEB prides itself on our personal relationships with vendors and accounting and finance professionals alike. That’s why, when we were deciding whether to hold a live event, we not only surveyed our readers, but we also asked our industry friends their opinions. We we have fantastic support from many heavy hitters in the profession, and they were all for the idea of us bringing our website to life. One of the people who immediately and enthusiastically voiced their support for us was Geni Whitehouse. 

As the planning for the event got underway, Geni participated in our advisory board and also agreed to participate in two panels. She will moderate "Fall in Love with Your Practice Again, in 3 Easy Steps" and host the conversation between Dawn Brolin, Andrew Wall, Reanna Ritter, Heather Sperduto of ADP and Darren Root of Rootworks. Those who attend this exciting panel, taking place on May 11, will learn about the tools and techniques leading experts use to put the fun back into running an accounting firm. Attendees will get tips for creating better work-life balance while also offering more value to their clients, and the takeaways will includes ideas to help you get more done in less time, how you can put your clients at the center of your practice and how to harness technology to make life better for both your clients and yourself.

In our interview, Geni and I talked about the importance of this panel, which wasn’t included in the submissions we received while the call for papers was open. However, the advisory board was adamant it be on the Live Summit Content Agenda. We discussed why she agreed to be the moderator and why she believes loving what you do is such a crucial topic to keep in the conversation.

Geni will be a participant on the panel "Tools, Tech, & Tactics to Target & Transform Your Niche," moderated by Billie Anne Grigg. She’ll be joined by Dawn Brolin, Lynda Artesani and Sherrell Martin, as well as Roman Kepczyk of Right Networks. During our talk, Geni explained how she came to be involved in accounting for the wine industry (a niche she started later in her career, proving it’s never too late to make a change) and the benefits she discovered from specializing. Together, she and her fellow panelists will offer actionable guidance to develop a niche to the professionals who attend their session on Wednesday, May 11. You’ll discover the differences between the nuances that will help you be successful, learn how to choose the best tech stack for your niche and uncover how to beat the competition and position yourself as the leading expert in your chosen niche.

Check out our interview to hear our conversation and learn more about why Geni wanted to participate in our Live Summit in such a big way.

The 2022 AccountingWEB Live Summit may be over, but you can join us in 2023! Pre-register today to be the first to know when tickets are on sale. You can find the form at