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Seth and Andy

Why Clients Need to be First in Your Advisory Plans


With so much noise about how accountants can structure their business around "advisory" services, there's an important stakeholder who often gets overlooked: the client!

Oct 16th 2019
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Understanding the dynamics on the client end easily is as important in the transition of a firm as the complexities of how you build your capacity and how much you charge. Seth David, Chief Nerd at Nerd Enterprises, has some brilliant insights into this.

We sat down to explore how the recipient of advisory services sees the world.

"The clients know that they need data, but they don't know how to ask for it, how to articulate the question," says Seth.

This encapsulates the biggest challenge for many firms. How can you possibly provide a relevant and valuable advisory service without first understanding the challenges the client is facing? If the client is also unsure, it's likely that the journey shouldn't start with a spreadsheet, but with a conversation.

Seth's lesson? "It's fine to say, 'I don't know.'" See more of his responses below:

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