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What Clients Investing in Crypto Should Know


Now that you've learned more about how to advise clients who use cryptocurrency, it's time to address another important topic: Is investing in crypto a good idea right now? Some investors think the value of Bitcoin will go up in the long term and are ready to spend their money. Sonia Dumas addresses this subject in her second interview with Amy Anthony.

Jun 10th 2022
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As expenses like energy and groceries continue to rise at double-digit annual rates in the United States, some investors might be wondering whether cryptocurrency can be used as a hedge against inflation. The answer is more nuanced than you might think and depends on whether cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is being used as a long-term or short-term investment.

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe that Bitcoin’s value will increase over the long term as capital growth expands into new avenues beyond real estate, bonds, gold and so on. In crypto that growth can happen in two ways: yields from platforms that offer interest rates or price appreciation.

“The narrative about bitcoin being a store of value goes out the window in a bear market, but in the long term, a lot of us are still very bullish about its adoption and use. There’s a limited supply of bitcoin, and we’re trying to stabilize it,” said Sonia Dumas, founder of Curio Haus, which educates accountants and business leaders on cryptocurrency so they can better assist clients who use it.

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Theo L. Morson, JD, LLM
By tmorson3
Jun 11th 2022 18:23 EDT

This is an excellent article, very informative.

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