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Tips for Working with Small Business Clients


Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, helping small business clients and nonprofits save money on taxes can be rewarding work. Here, CPA Ignatius L. Jackson discusses the strategies he uses to assist these clients while adding value through efficiency.

Feb 23rd 2022
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Small business clients have particular needs, and Ignatius L. Jackson, CPA, is here to help.

Jackson, a CPA based in Phoenix, Arizona, specializes in small business accounting services, such as compilations, bookkeeping and tax preparation. Although Jackson has worked with companies of all sizes and across several industries, he especially enjoys working with clients like non-profit organizations and churches and helping small businesses to save on taxes.

“Typically, they don’t understand the tax code and all the ways they could be using the code to save money. Most small business owners who don’t work with a CPA end up overpaying taxes by several thousands of dollars,” Jackson said. 

What’s more, right now might be the perfect time for accounting professionals to expand their services. Between the COVID-19 pandemic and older professionals retiring from the field, Jackson is inundated with new clients.

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