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Busy Season

Tax Season 2021 Guidance and Essentials


From critical tax changes and a process checklist for managing the workload to essenial technology, get ready for tax season 2021 right here. AccountingWEB is proud to announce its 2021 Tax Season handbook to give a leg up on the upcoming busy season.

Dec 14th 2020
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There's no need to belabor how incredibly unprecedented this past tax season was, ending in barely enough time to breathe before working on year-end and yes, next season. So what is a tax pro to do?

AccountingWEB is attempting to answer that in its own way, offering not only a downloadable white paper compete with advice, a checklist and vetted product guide, but also articles and a webinar just before e-filing kicks off.

We are calling it, quite simply 2021 Tax Season Survival but realistically we know how adaptable accounting professionals truly have been over the years. Slow to change, measured, calculating(pun intended)? Sure. But unable to deal with change? Given the annual adjustments to our tax code alone, and having to regularly advise on those...yes, accountants can handle it and will this time around.

Even so, it's not always clear what products may be best to do the work that's needed during the most frenetic time of year. And with in-person client meetings still likely to be on the shelf, not to mention all of the proper compliance for respective loan and investment activity, proper guidance is essential. This is where we come in.

We've engaged EA Susan Tinel, who has authored several other practical tax planning content efforts for us, and runs a successful tax practice, as well as the inimitable Randy Johnston, who provides a vetted list of essential tax season tools.

The guide itself dives into the technical tax and accounting challenges that all firms need to be familiar with. It also includes a checklist to ensure that firms have the systems, plans and processes in place to ensure a smooth and safe tax season. Finally, there is the a directory of the key product categories commonly used by firms to make tax season more efficient. 

The software sectors included in the guide compiled by Randy Johnston, cover all areas of technology including document management, practice management and workflow, hosting, automation and of course, core tax software options.

As stated at the outset, tax and accounting professionals are more than equipped to deal with change and we are confident you will get through this next season well. We also firmly believe that any bit of advice and direction will help. We wish you a very successful rest of the year and 2021 tax season! Our free guide can be downloaded here.

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