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Making the Call in Turning Down Potential Clients

Apr 9th 2018
business people give thumbs down

I had an appointment the other day with a potential new client (PNC) who is starting a Rollover For Business Start Ups (ROBS).

Basically, ROBS are where you rollover your retirement plan, and start a C Corporation. You then purchase the stock of the C Corporation, and start your business. You can also use a ROBS to purchase an existing business.

The PNC goes on to explain that they will sell their house in June. The proceeds in the ROBS will be $450,000, coming from a 401(k). She will use the $350,000 to by an RV, which will be her main home. The C Corporation will run a traveling consulting business and personal coaching.

Her idea is that she can travel around the country in her RV, blogging and promoting the “nomad” lifestyle. She wants to know what my thoughts are on this concept. Now, this person’s main home will be this RV. She was told by other accountants that there was no problem with this.

Let’s explore this for a second. Let’s say that this PNC had a main home, and also had a ROBS that bought the RV, that was used 100 percent for business. I could entertain that idea. The RV would be open to Special Depreciation Allowance (SDA), or if there was a profit Section 179.

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