List of 18 Reasonable Client Expectations

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Bryce Sanders
Perceptive Business Solutions Inc.
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Don’t ever get commoditized. Once clients see your service as interchangeable, they start shopping for the lowest-cost provider. You want a new client to understand the value you bring to the table without coming across as a salesperson. 

Suppose you discussed a dozen reasonable expectations a client should have when working with you. This would not be a written document. “If you become my client, you should expect … ”

Here’s a list of 18. You can pick and choose.

1. Proper tax preparation. You provide me with complete information in a timely manner, and I’ll prepare your returns and file electronically in a timely manner.

2. Letters from the IRS. No one wants to hear from the IRS or their state tax authority. If they get in touch and want to hear from you, I will act as your intermediary.

3. Representation. In the unlikely event you are audited, I will appear on your behalf and defend your tax return.

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