Internet Explorer Contains Security Hole

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Watch out for Internet Explorer's security bugs! Internet Explorer 5.0 (IE 5) possesses some security gaps that allows unscrupulous web sites to read or transfer a file from your hard drive to its server.

The security hole allows websites to include an activeX control called DHTML edit control. The control must know the name of the file it will transfer from your hard drive, but standard files are usually used to store private PGP keys, passwords, and other sensitive information.

The bug also allows transaction spoofing. Through this function, a person could make changes to your web site, but it will look like you are making the edits from your computer.

Don't think that getting a downloadable version of IE 5 will correct the problem. The security patch isn't included. Go to the Microsoft site to download the posted security patch - it could save you from a potential disaster.

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