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How to Meet the Needs of New Clients in 2022


When it comes to attracting and retaining new clients, communication is key. In this article, Will Baker of BaCo Tech explains how accountants can build trust with new clients by communicating proactively and foster real-time communication with tools like an updated website and screen-recording software. 

Jan 21st 2022
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As an accountant, you likely serve a variety of clients, not only in types of business, but in types of people. One of the challenges of client services, especially when taking on a new client, is learning how to care for the individual you are working with and giving them a level of service that makes them feel as if you have addressed their individual needs.

The challenge with client services is developing a standard that allows accountants to be efficient, while still making the client feel valued and cared for – not that they are just another cog in the machine of efficiency.

What’s more, you are likely serving clients from across generations, including baby boomers, Gen X, millennials and even Gen Z, who are now entering the workforce and starting their own businesses. Clients from different generations will have different preferences in how they want to be treated as a client, and how you interact with each of them will vary.

The most important way you can care for your customers is to communicate with them in a way that resonates. The reality is that most clients receive similar baseline services and have a similar desire: to better understand their “financial health.” As an accountant, you are serving a variety of businesses and a variety of individuals who have similar goals and projects.

Proactive services are relevant to this conversation. As an accountant, you should be pursuing every opportunity to be more proactive with your clients. A friend of mine who recently met with his accountant told me their conversation focused on how both of them want more real-time information. My friend wants to have fewer “last-minute surprises,” while his accountant wants more real-time access to his accounting. The most likely need across the board is more real-time relationships.

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