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How to Make Things Easier for Your Clients and You


When I think about how musicians listen to each other and adjust accordingly, I see that same attribute when an accountant coordinates with a client. Partners play the role of the conductor. A properly-run accounting firm is like an orchestra at its finest. Done well, it’s beautiful music and a fine performance to watch. In other words, it is a pleasure to hear and experience. Done poorly, it’s a waste of time and is frustrating for everyone concerned.

Nov 24th 2021
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Are your interactions with clients so smooth that you don’t really think about it? Or do you have hiccups in the client experience?

Most of us keep track of the things we need, and it is annoying to request information repeatedly from all involved, practitioners and clients alike. Further, it can be rather irritating to redo work.


Our time is too valuable to do something over when there has not been an error. And we’d prefer not to have to resend clients' tax returns over and over.

Instead, we need to help them stay on track and stay organized. The right technology does that, just ask Bank of America and Chase. They have dramatically streamlined their organizations by helping us be self-sufficient with their digital banking apps. For example, at Bank of America, 85 percent of all deposits are now made digitally.

So, what has that done for the bank? Over the last six years, profits have skyrocketed. At the same time, headcount has dropped by 25 percent, reducing administrative costs. Further, customers have greater convenience and love using the app, and the competitors are still playing catch-up.

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