How to Make Next Tax Season Better

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Dave Lechleitner
Product Marketing Principal
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It is no secret that the past several weeks have been exhausting due to many late nights at the office and endless conference calls with antsy clients. During a busy season, it is hard to stay focused on what really matters to your clients.

While they will always need and appreciate your accounting expertise, the real value lies in the other 364 days of the year and, more specifically, in the sound business advice that you provide. When reflecting on this year’s tax season and preparing for the months ahead, consider following the strategies below to not only minimize stress leading up to April 15, 2017, but also to add value to your clients’ businesses year-round.

Promote and Cross-sell Additional Services

Tax season is often the time that small businesses will seek out the help of an accountant for the first time, and it is a starting point for your relationship. Once the season is over, recommend your consulting services year-round by taking the information you gathered from tax preparation and sharing examples of the sound business advice you could offer regularly.

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Apr 19th 2016 07:13

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