How to Build Quality Contact Programs to Convert and Retain Clients

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On any given day someone will have a problem that you can fix, but may not be in the right frame of mind to engage with you.

When it comes to potential clients, first and foremost, regularly remind them you exist so they think of you when they are ready with a contact program. Regular, relevant communication is key to converting prospects and growing your existing client base.

What do I mean by a contact program? It’s an action plan to move a prospect through the sales cycle or build customer lifetime value - extending tenure or increasing spend. Any number of activities can be classified as a contact – an email, invitation to an event, or just a coffee, if you need inspiration I’ve included some ideas below.

Whatever the method, quality is the key and I’m talking here about quality communications and quality contacts. It’s pointless to have a huge database of contacts either not willing or able to buy from you. Nor is it worthwhile keeping in contact with prospects or clients who are not a good ‘fit’ for your firm.

Here are some tips for building a quality contact program:

  1. Have a clear understanding of your target market and what defines the ‘right’ client for you - essential so you don’t waste time.

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About James Mason

James Mason

James Mason has been managing director of Mindshop since 2000, where he oversees the advisory training, coaching, resources development, and growth needs of business leaders and advisors.


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Nov 3rd 2017 17:30

Nice article...

I'll be starting a small, part-time bookkeeping/tax business in the next few months and I was thinking about contact management tools/software.

Can you recommend any that are very cost effective for a part-time, side-job startup?

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to Michael Abrams
Nov 6th 2017 22:20

Great question, Michael. In our firm, Polymath LLC, we really like to focus on deeper relationships with fewer clients. As a result, we are able to keep our contact "touch points" with out clients much more frequent and personal.
For our client engagements, we really enjoy using PracticeIgnition. This tool has made it easy to get proposals out to prospective clients and collect payment.
You can also read all about the Polymath client onboarding process on Intuit's Firm of the Future website. We are happy to share our processes to help our colleagues grow!

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to Michael Abrams
Nov 9th 2017 22:07

Hi Michael, some simple CRM systems are insightly or zoho but you could even start simpler with just an Excel sheet of contacts and steps in a process.

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Nov 3rd 2017 20:42

Hi Michael, James makes some great points. For myself, I like to use Constant Contact to send a brief monthly e-newsletter to my existing client base. I try to include a link to a good article written by a third party. I figure it might trigger an idea or a thought if my reader has had a recent experience or question on that subject - then they might forward my newsletter to someone with whom they had interaction on that subject. I can also include a link to any articles I have written. I also put a link to anything I have written on LinkedIn, and on other message boards I belong to. Good luck with your new practice!

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