How CPAs Can Use the Media to Their Advantage

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Bryce Sanders
Perceptive Business Solutions Inc.
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You want new clients yet don’t see prospecting in your job description. You aren’t the only accounting professional in town and face competition from mass-market tax-preparation services and tax-preparation software. It’s time to get the media on your side.

Who is “the Media?”
Traditionally, the “Fourth Estate” has been the journalism profession, including newspapers, magazines, and television. Technology has now given us the “Fifth Estate,” referring to bloggers and journalists in nonmainstream outlets.

As a CPA, you are focusing on traditional journalism channels to raise your visibility and get clients through the door.

Nine Ways to Engage the Media
Accounting is a noble profession enjoying a good reputation in the local community. Your practice involves doing taxes for businesses and individuals. You want more of these clients.

1. Readers’ Choice andBest Of” Awards. Your local newspaper likely runs a competition once a year allowing readers to select the best service providers in individual categories within the community.

Here’s an example showing “Best” and “One of the Best” accountants/CPAs in Bucks County, PA.

Call the paper or ask a local public relations firm about how you can get into the running.

2. Interview resource for local paper. Hopefully your town is one big, happy family where the professional community knows each other from the chamber and country club. Newspapers need subject-matter experts to help reporters simplify complex subjects. They also need interview material for “10 Tips at Tax Time” feature articles. Write a letter explaining your areas of expertise and volunteer your services.

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May 19th 2017 06:56

It's an inspiring blog post for every CPAs who want to do something for betterment but yet not done.

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to alicewright
May 19th 2017 14:35

Thanks for responding to my article! There are lots of opportunities out there, yet people are often too busy to take advantage of them. Becoming someone's "Go to" person can get you on the inside track pretty quivkly.

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