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Andy Brolin

How Can Your Firm Help Clients Fight Fraud?

Aug 8th 2019
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Highlighting the existential threat of fraud to the small business is something of a mission for Powerful Accounting Founder Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE. Readers of her regular 'Fraud Fighter' column on AccountingWEB will attest to that.  

But the horror stories that Dawn describes here are still jaw dropping. The example of a son stealing from his father's business is a far cry from the anonymous hacker that you might typically think of.

But more than that, being aware of the threats and helping your clients avoid them is not just a duty that one would argue an accounting professional should fulfill, it's also a perfect platform from which to develop a new and deeper relationship with them.

As Dawn outlines, the armory you might need in terms of technology is actually pretty straight forward. Client and document management controls in a cloud or hosted environment can protect against a lot of opportunistic employees and time management solutions can protect your clients against staff steeling your time.

It's not hard - but it does require a very different level of awareness and attention than is present in most accounting firms now. Find out more in our video chat during the recent Scaling New Heights conference in Salt Lake City, hosted by Woodard Events.

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