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You should still meet with clients in person
You should still meet with clients in person

Financial Coaching Services You Can Offer Clients


Many people are willing to pay for financial advice from an expert. As an accountant, you have the knowledge to offer consulting services in financial planning across many areas, from budgeting to retirement planning and beyond. Your expertise and objectivity will make you invaluable to individual clients and businesses alike. 

Aug 9th 2021
President Perceptive Business Solutions Inc.
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Why do people hire consultants? Maybe they don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Maybe they want to avoid the trial-and-error approach. But the most important reason is that experience has value. People want to learn from an expert. And, generally speaking, people will follow advice when they have paid for it. As an accountant, you are in a position to offer clients valuable investment advice; the challenge may be getting them to pay for it.

How Can You Help Individual Clients?

Much of the advice you can offer involves financial planning. The value you bring to the table is based on your objectivity. You are a fiduciary selling a roadmap. The client chooses the car to make the journey.

Retirement planning: Few people are adequately prepared for retirement. A major objective is to enable growth in a tax-deferred environment while keeping administrative costs and fees under control. Many people who provide retirement planning services also sell insurance or investment products. Think of it like going into a car dealership to buy your roadmap.

College funding: At the basic level, it’s putting money aside to grow in a low-tax environment. There’s also the larger issue of meeting the total cost through loans, grants, scholarships and other incentives. It’s also worth considering whether a college education is the best choice for the client’s child. College funding is a major expense that clients often overlook.

Caring for aging parents: Many clients find themselves “sandwiched” between raising their children and caring for aging relatives. Both are a drain on finances. Solutions can include downsizing, moving aging relatives into retirement communities and paying for adequate health care. Accountants can be particularly helpful in this area.

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