7 Reasons Your Firm Should Automate Client Messages

May 4th 2015
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Recurring messages, such as tax reminders and birthday or anniversary cards, are often left to the discretion of the partner. However, carving out time to handle these messages consistently may feel like an impossible reach. Because of this, more often than not, these tasks get abandoned or accomplished inconsistently due to time constraints because partners tend to place value-added client work ahead of administrative tasks.

Consistently being in front of clients is important, especially today when your competitors make it increasingly convenient for your clients to move away from your services and on to theirs. What separates your practice from most competitors is the relationship you have built with your clients, and that relationship will either keep them coming back year after year or allow them to slip away.

Here are seven key reasons why your firm should consider automated client messaging:

  1. Partners don’t have the time to manage this task – or manage it well.
  2. Partners may not have the wherewithal to brand the communication they wish to send.
  3. Partners’ time is more wisely invested handling value-added work for clients.
  4. Automated date-driven messages, like tax appointment reminders, quarterly tax payments, and birthday or anniversary cards, get set up once then generate and go out automatically with little-to-no time required in the future.
  5. Adding an automated self-sign-up form on your website ensures clients are getting the information they choose to receive when they choose to receive it. This frees up the professional staff or partners from having to handle routinely occurring information requests.
  6. Branded automated communication messages consistently place your brand in front of your clients, reinforcing your relationship as their accountant.
  7. Automated client messages can automatically be delivered as mobile-friendly, reaching your clients wherever they are regardless of the device they are using to view the message.

Bruce Springsteen, “The Boss,” was once asked how he sustained such a huge and loyal audience on his journey to stardom. He said, “It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time.” Although The Boss’ words were spoken about his experience, they ring true for the customer experience in any profession.

Bruce skyrocketed to fame in 1975 with his album Born to Run. For the number-crunchers, that totals more than 40 years, or 14,600 days, or 350,000 hours logged doing what he has consistently done so well. In December 2014, Forbes reported on the world’s highest-paid musicians. Not surprisingly, The Boss ranked among the top five, earning more than $4 million per night and more than $81 million in total.

Perhaps we can all take away a little learning from The Boss – he may be on to something special when he talks about sustaining your audience with consistency of thought, purpose, and of action over a long period of time.

Here are some more questions to ponder and comment upon below. We’d love to hear from you:

  • How many competitors can you identify that would welcome – or take – your clients' business if given the opportunity?
  • How much time every week would you estimate it would take for you to handle creating and emailing tax reminders and birthday or anniversary messages?
  • Have you ever had a client pay you a compliment about your communication or complain about getting a tax reminder, birthday, or anniversary card from you?

About the author:

Bob Tenner, general partner of Tenenz Inc., has more than 19 years experience successfully serving the marketing, communications, and product needs of accounting and tax professionals. Tenenz, located in Minneapolis, has provided high-quality products and services to accounting professionals across the United States for more than 40 years. 


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