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7 Questions to Understand Client Finance Needs


When cash flow problems emerge, the business owner probably didn’t accurately estimate anticipated revenue vs. anticipated expenses. The estimate of startup costs was too conservative. Clients aren’t paying as quickly as they hoped or sales didn’t follow the anticipated trajectory.

Jun 4th 2021
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There are several reasons business clients run into cash flow problems or just simply need more money in a hurry. It’s better to get in front of this problem sooner than later and as their accountant, you need to be able to ask the tough questions.

Seven Questions Where Your Client Will Need Answers

Business owners, especially startups, can be excessively optimistic and not properly plan for the aforementioned scenarios. They are simply convinced their idea will take off. Here are seven questions to ask clients in order to better understand their finance needs.

1. Why is Your Business Going to Succeed?

Answering this question requires a robust business plan. What is the opportunity you have spotted in the market, the need that’s currently unmet? Who is your competition? Are any the dominant player with the majority of the market share? How long will it take for your business to become operational? Do you have a seasoned management team onboard? If not, how will you find them? What is the expected return on equity once your business is fully operational? You need to have a document along with a presentation that makes your case. 

2. How Much Money Will You (Realistically) Need?

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