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6 Ways to Boost Referrals for Your Practice

Jun 7th 2016
getting a referral
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Many of today’s marketing devices are based on technology, but one tried-and-true technique might be as old as the pyramids. Accountants have been around since the ancient Egyptians starting keeping records of royal storehouses. Undoubtedly, those early practitioners relied on referrals to keep in good standing.

A referral is simply a recommendation from one person, usually a previous or existing client or a colleague, to another person to use your services. It builds on your reputation for professional expertise.

Unlike some other marketing techniques, referrals often take on a life of their own – and sometimes even come out of the blue.

Referrals remain the lifeblood of an accounting practice. That hasn’t changed. But marketing through referrals in the 21st century means more than just passing along a business card to contacts or counting on word of mouth.

Here are six ways you may be able to increase your referrals.

1. Don’t assume your clients are happy. Referrals depend on clients being satisfied with your performance. If you don’t take their temperature every now and then, you won’t know what they’re thinking. Reach out to clients via a questionnaire or informal survey. Then do more than just pay lip service to what they’re saying – take action.

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