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6 Questions to Ask to Identify Your Ideal Client


It's important to attract the right clients to your firm, but doing so can be challenging if you're not clear about who your ideal client is. In this article, Jon Hubbard  of Boomer Consulting explains the six questions to ask yourself and your team members to figure out the characteristics of your ideal client before boosting your client list. 

Sep 22nd 2021
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In a perfect world, every aspect of your business, from your elevator pitch to your website, would connect with customers who need you most and are willing to pay for your services. Yet, identifying and speaking directly to your ideal client is not always easy.

CPAs are numbers people, so they tend to take a quantitative approach to identifying their ideal client. They may create a spreadsheet of their current clients, sort by industry or service line and then select their ideal client based on who rises to the top. The problem is that this approach doesn’t facilitate discussion, and it can lead firms to select “ideal” clients from dwindling industries, unprofitable service lines and areas that nobody in the firm is actually passionate about.


To clarify who your ideal client is and make better marketing and business development decisions, ask yourself these six questions.

1. Which types of clients do you want more of?

If I could give you 10 clients today who you were excited to bring on, how would you describe them? Again, these aren’t necessarily the top-dollar clients, although they could be. Maybe someone in your firm is passionate about helping restaurants with cash flow or providing strategic planning to mature businesses. Maybe your ideal client has at least $5 million in annual revenues and could benefit from outsourced CFO services. Whatever it is, articulate it. When I ask our clients this question, I usually find that firm leaders have a lot of clarity.

2. What are the best and worst characteristics of your ideal client?

Make a two-column list on a sheet of paper or a whiteboard and write them out. After all, even ideal clients can be challenging.

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