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5 Ways to Identify Clients That Need HR Support


In this series so far, we have addressed the why and the how of building an HR service line. I recommended starting with payroll services and then beta testing with your A+ clients before announcing the service line to the rest of your client group. Here we will pick up with after you’ve beta tested and decided which services to offer – how do you identify who on your client list to target?

Jun 14th 2021
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When we see clients that need HR service, we open the conversation by presenting our solutions-oriented value. Adding any new service line is easier than starting a business as you already have a captive audience in your client base. The conversation then switches from how to address the public with the services you offer to how to identify your current clients that could benefit from this service.

Here are my top five indicators that current clients need HR:

1. They Are Hiring Lots of [Remote] People

This one is a “two-fer.” As we are running payroll for clients, our firm pays attention to their hiring practices. When they start hiring people quickly, we flag them for a conversation around HR compliance and employee relations. We can support their policies and procedures to ensure compliance beyond just payroll taxes. We also pay attention as they are registering new states. New states mean new laws to comply with.

The opportunity for HR services with growing teams are the easiest lift, from a value perspective. Companies scaling quickly often do not have solid HR infrastructure to handle the growth. The value proposition becomes similar to that of outsourcing accounting – we will scale with you and handle the back-office needs of your growing team.

The services that scaling teams need are generally across the board. Everything from compliance, employee handbooks and state registrations to onboarding processes, HRIS implementations, PEO evaluations, benefits, and employee relations support. They often need HR strategy as well. This indicator is my number one because more people implicitly means more HR needs.

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