4 Strategies to Calm Your Clients This Tax Season

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Although there is one extra day in this year’s season, that likely won’t stop those tense tax-time clients worrying about everything from meeting filing deadlines to anxiously anticipating the arrival of their refunds.

While you can’t necessarily control how your clients feel, there are a few tactics you can take to keep your clients level-headed during this deadline-driven period. Use these four strategies to keep your clients, and yourself, calm this tax season:

1. Use Cloud Technology to Keep Organized

Moods can be surprisingly contagious. If you’re cool, calm, and collected, then chances are your disposition will be mirrored by your clients. Using collaborative cloud technology to stay organized can help alleviate your clients’ anxiety about where their financials stand.

You can leverage cloud document storage and collection tools to keep yourself organized and speed up your workflow. Doing so can be far more secure than traditional methods of filing.

Dropbox and Google Drive are great for storing and quickly sharing files with your clients and staff. We’ve all had clients show up with various vessels full of receipts and other financial documents.

From the widely used shoebox to the unfortunately true story of a client arriving at their accountant’s office with a kitty litter box containing receipts – you can minimize these types of instances by turning them on to mobile tools like Hubdoc. The user snaps a photo of any necessary documents and the data is collected automatically, imported into their cloud accounting platform, and coded. You’ve got the tools to make tax time easier; it’s just a matter of selecting which are best for you and your clients. 

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About Amy Vetter

Amy Vetter

Amy Vetter, CPA, CITP, CGMA, is Global VP, Education & US Head of Accounting at Xero.



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