3 Simple Marketing Techniques to Attract New Clients

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Bryce Sanders
Perceptive Business Solutions Inc.
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The world is changing. If you don’t work for a large firm that constantly assigns you to projects, you probably need to bring new clients through the door of your accounting practice. This creates a problem because you didn’t get into accounting to do marketing or sales. 

Even worse, you may know some people who think trickery and deception are the tools of the sales trade. They give sales a bad name. But you still need a steady flow of new business. 

So, what can you do?

Simple Technique No. 1
Do your clients know you are accepting new clients? That sounds so obvious. The firms that are mass marketing accounting services on TV get that message across. Your clients might assume you have a core group of families and small businesses you serve. The door is closed to new clients.

Why would they think that way? Because medical and dental practices often do the same. Say you are new to the area. You ask around about family doctors. You hear about a great one, so you call them. They aren’t accepting new clients. They assume your practice works the same way.

Let your current clients know you are accepting new clients. You might explain your practice grows when friends or current clients introduce you to someone who needs an accountant. This might include executives new to the area or people who are starting a new business.

Personally, I try to avoid the word “referrals” because it’s a sales buzzword and doesn’t sound like it conveys benefits to the person being referred.

Simple Technique No. 2
Do your clients know what you do for them? If it’s “she does my taxes,” that’s a commoditized expression. They could file their own taxes online or go to a mass-market tax-preparation firm. Differentiate yourself.

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By acehigh
Apr 16th 2017 03:55

its beneficial to pass out personalized pens and advertise in small cities around your metro area. a good tag line is essential. mine is// control your future //
you now need a web page, twitter account, & facebook site.

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