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10 Lessons Learned From My Grand LinkedIn Experiment

Sep 12th 2017

At the beginning of this year I resolved to send a personal e-mail to all 900+ of my LinkedIn 1st level contacts. Statistics show LinkedIn has about 467 million users including 5.5 million accountants. 

What was my project? Every weekday I would send 12 InMails (LinkedIn’s version of e-mail) to first level contacts. The e-mail explained my project, asked how they used LinkedIn as part of their business and expressed an interest in what they do. 

I closed with a few words about my business and the case for posting articles regularly. They were personalized as much as possible and at about 20 minutes a day, it took about 5 months.

10 Lessons Learned

Any numbers used are approximate. There’s a difference between “Happy Birthday,” “Thanks” and an actual answer to your question, but here is what I learned during my “experiment” with Linked In this year and I hope it helps you in your efforts as well:

1. People Do Respond – 75 people answered my question, while 93 people started a dialog. 

Lessons Learned:  Obviously about 700+ did neither.  Many people are passive users, ignoring the e-mail prompts they receive indicating someone is getting in touch.  FYI:  If LinkedIn has only about 106 million active monthly users, this means about 23% visit regularly. I’ve also heard only 29% of LinkedIn members visit the site each month.

Conclusion:  People attend a class promoting LinkedIn.  They join.  For many, that’s the extent of their engagement.

2. Expect a Huge Lag Time – It’s been said the average LinkedIn user visits the site for 17 minutes a month.  Meanwhile, the average time spent on Facebook is 20 minutes, which I assume is per visit, not per month.

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By jacksonjoh
Sep 14th 2017 19:28

Thanks so much for the information. I recently launched my business and reached out to all relevant contacts on Linked in about it. The response rate was fairly consistent with yours.

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Replying to jacksonjoh:
Bryce Sanders
By Bryce Sanders
Sep 14th 2017 20:56

Glad to hear it. It has lots of potential for prospecting along with increasing your visibility.

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