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Jun 17th 2019

Building a Profitable Cash Flow Forecasting Service

As firms across the US invest in cash flow forecasting technology, the accounting profession seems to be responding to an underserved demand among small business clients.
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Jun 7th 2019
Many small business owners find themselves in a cash crunch for a variety of reasons. Perhaps that big order hasn’t come in yet, or more...
From pen, paper and calculator to cloud platforms, from years of data entry to OCR technology and from piles of documents to super sleek...
Jun 6th 2019
Your clients come to you for essential accounting and tax services, but they’re also seeking out experts who can offer advice around...
Jun 5th 2019
A retirement plan, whether it’s a Roth 401(k) or Roth IRA, will allow your clients to make after-tax contributions to their assets. Keep in...