PCPS Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

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Bill Balhoff, PCPS ChairmanTo those who believe that the AICPA may not be adequately representing the interests of local and regional firms in the profession, PCPS Chairman Bill Balhoff has one thing to say - PCPS' voice of over 6100 member firms is stronger and louder than any other time in PCPS' 25 year history.

PCPS, AICPA's Alliance for CPA Firms, celebrated its 25th anniversary in style Tuesday evening with a gala at the Guggenheim Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. PCPS members attending the AICPA Practitioners Symposium attended the members-only event to celebrate PCPS accomplishments and share the vision for the future.

A Proud History

PCPS was born out of regulatory issues in 1977 in response to government pressure for self regulation of the accounting profession. Development of the peer review process for non-SEC practicing firms, which held the entire profession to the high standards the public demanded, has been one of the greatest successes of PCPS. As peer review became the standard bearer for the profession, PCPS developed new initiatives to assist in helping its member firms better serve their clients, better manage their firms, and better deal with the growing number of technical requirements of the profession.

Neal Harte, PCPS MAP Commitee ChairCandace Wright, PCPS Technical Issues Commitee ChairAdvocacy and Management Initiatives

Today, with over 6100 local and regional member firms, PCPS continues to build on its commitment to quality through its two major Committees. The Management of an Accounting Practice (MAP) Committee provides practice management answers for members. Through surveys, issue awareness, action handbooks, practice tools and publications, the MAP Committee continues to deliver solutions to member firms to help them grow. The Technical Issues Committee is THE voice for local and regional firms in the standards setting arena, making sure that the profession adequately represents and includes the concerns and desires of this group of firms.

Representing Local Firms in Audit Reform Discussions

At the table this spring along with representatives of the Big Five firms, the AICPA, and Congress, was PCPS offering testimony to the United States Senate to ensure that reform initiatives do not hamper the ability of smaller firms to act as advisors to their clients. PCPS is committed to continuing its advocacy for smaller firms in this post-Enron era.

"The success of our members will be the measurement of PCPS' success."

Harold Monk, managing partner Davis, Monk & Company
and former PCPS Chair

Plans For The Future

A new Web site, www.pcps.org, was launched this week to continue to move PCPS towards its goal of providing high value service to its members. Several initiatives are under way for the future, including:

  • Development of a "national firm" office concept to provide high level expertise in all areas of importance to CPA firms
  • Expanding the awareness of international opportunities and providing access to the international accounting community
  • Assisting with bringing technology improvements specifically into CPA firms
  • Continued development of large, midsized and small firm networks
  • Improving its own communication abilities to focus on the needs of its members.

Visit the PCPS Membership Center or call 1-800-CPAFIRM if you would like more information about PCPS.

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