WHY – do we do what we do?

We help Accountants build great businesses!

We believe Accountants are the support, the sounding board, the mentor and THE TRUSTED ADVISOR for small-to-medium-sized businesses. If we can help Accountants build great businesses, they in turn will help SMB’s build great businesses.

SMB’s are the backbone of an economy. Yet they are the least supported and go through all the pain and suffering of being a small-to-medium-sized business.

We believe we can change economies through Accountants by helping Accountants build great businesses and becoming the TRUSTED ADVISOR for SMB’s for all parts of their business and life.

HOW – do we do what we do?

Our community and online membership program contains everything an Accountant needs to build great businesses – for themselves and their clients.

Our end-to-end membership program includes:

  • Community support – a secret chat forum where members interact, celebrate and help each other
  • Recognition, branding and listing – recognition of being a member and listing on membership directory
  • Webinars – monthly educational webinars to teach new content and methodology
  • Software applications – ELEVATE (marketing), TRUST (sales), PANALITIX (business intelligence), PSS (performance monitoring) and LearningHUB business (app for clients with content)
  • LearningHUB – e-learning platform with hundreds of tools and online courses. The content & methodology to learn how to build a great business
  • Implementation program – group momentum conference calls, guided training & support
  • Coachingclub – face-to-face accountability, learning and sharing program

WHAT – is the outcome of what we do?

  • Build a profitable Accounting business that works without the owner(s)
  • Part of a community that leads the accounting profession
  • The trusted advisor for your SMB clients
  • Remaining relevant and ahead of the technology disruption
  • Raving fan team and raving fan clients