Order reprints of website content

Increase exposure by including article Reprints, Eprints, and NXTprints in your next promotional project.

What is a reprint?
Reprints are customized, reformatted versions of articles that have appeared online at AccountingWEB.com. They are a great way to market your product, service or company alongside the industry-respected brand of AccountingWEB.

Why are reprints important as part of my marketing and promotions strategy?
Reprints serve to promote the connection between your company and AccountingWEB.com. For companies interested in direct marketing, hard-copy reprints are the only available link to the article in its original format online.

How are reprints used for marketing?
Reprint products are powerful as direct marketing tools, either through mail or online promotions. They offer valuable third-party endorsements of your company, products or services. Reprints are replications of the original coverage, with space for your company logo and contact information to be added.

What are the differences between hard copy and electronic reprints?
Hard copy reprints are articles that have been reformatted and reprinted onto 8 1/2 by 11-inch glossy paper in two to four colors. A single reprint can number one to eight pages in length. Electronic reprints are articles that have been reformatted as either a pdf, or a flash based digital reprint.

What products are considered reprints?
The most commonly utilized reprint products are hard-copy articles, but that’s not the only way to promote your feature. Electronic usage covers a selection of digital products, perfect for marketing online and via email. Also available are plaques, posters, postcards and banners for promoting your coverage around the office or at a tradeshow.

How do I order reprints of an article my company is featured in?
If you would like to order hard copy or electronic reprints of articles that appeared online, contact The YGS Group at 800.290.5460 or by e-mail at [email protected].

Where can I learn more about reprints?
The YGS Group is the exclusive and authorized provider of reprints from AccountingWEB.com. They work to connect our readers with the coverage they receive online. You can learn more about reprint products and their uses by visiting www.theYGSgroup.com/reprints.