We are the leading provider of practice management software and educational resources for firms in the tax preparation and public accounting industry.

Our flagship application, WorkSpace™, combines a suite of core productivity and management features into an integrated solution, operated from a single-screen user interface. We also host Accelerate Conferences and Summits, and publish the magazine My Office Today, bringing educational resources from industry experts to tax and accounting professionals across North America.

We’ve helped thousands of firms better manage their day to day operations and become truly digital. The key is our holistic approach.

Too often when firms try to modernize, they end up retrofitting digital solutions onto what are essentially still analog processes, and therefore realize only a fraction of the potential benefit. WorkSpace isn’t just a set of integrated productivity tools, it’s a way of thinking about firm management.  We understand the amplifying effect that digital processes can have on one another when they’re well integrated, and the secondary benefits that can result to aspects of your business that you never expected.

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