New Tool Explains Complex Financial Statements For Potential Investors

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Developed by Sageworks, EquityCents provides real-time, objective analyses of public company financials to evaluate prospective investments. Its primary customers are individual investors, investment institutions and media outlets. EquityCents is a sister application to Sageworks' already popular ProfitCents, a system being used by CPA firms and financial professionals.

Built upon Sageworks' patent-pending FIND(tm) technology, EquityCents an artificial intelligence application that provides financial due diligence by analyzing and interpreting companies' income statements and balance sheets. The end result is an easily interpreted, objective narrative report that tell the real story behind companies' financial performance.

"We call EquityCents the world's first 'Wall Street Analyst in a Box' because today's investor must understand the ins and outs of financial information and company performance before attempting to make an investment decision," says Chairman and CEO Brian Hamilton. "Sageworks' Web-based solutions are designed to provide an unbiased method to looking at a company's financial scenario without being influenced by the company's own interpretation - a real boon to today's investor."

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