Medical Benefit Plans Offer True Benefits

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If you're a CPA or accounting professional in a small- or medium-sized firm, you know how difficult it is to attract and retain employees in today's very tight labor market. One benefit that continually serves as a real attraction isn't the latest spa membership, but a 100 percent-paid healthcare program for all employees.

While there are four viable options for traditional medical plans, many people will be surprised that 'fee for service' is used much less frequently than any of the others--only nine percent according to the Employee Benefits Research Institute.

The other three, HMOs, PPOs and POS (Point of Service) plans total 28 percent, 38 percent and 25 percent, respectively.

Which one of these is the best choice for a firm or small business? The best decision you can make or help make is to determine what aspect(s) of a medical plan is most important to employees. For example, employees in their 20s are much more likely to want higher co-payments and deductibles in lieu of lower premiums, while older workers may want to pay more for extended coverage.

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