Marketing Your Web Site, with Glen Christopher

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Marketing Your Web Site

Presented by Glen Christopher,
Christopher & Associates

Session Moderator: Glen Christopher is a professional speaker, consultant and Internet trainer. Glen's presentations help businesses focus on the benefits of technology, including:

  • Explaining the benefits and uses of the Internet and its importance in a clear, easy-to-understand and entertaining way.
  • Linking the mystique of the Internet to real business issues to save money and solve problems, and...
  • Providing solid strategies that you can use to improve customer service and win more business!
  • Sounds good to me!

    Without further delay, I'll hand the floor to you, Glen!

    Glen Christopher: Good afternoon everyone!

    I would like to make some general comments in three categories. They are - First, 6 ways to market your web site. Second, how search engines work, and Third - which search engine I believe is most important and why. After each section, I would like to answer any questions you have.

    There are 6 key strategies or tactics to include in a web marketing campaign. They are 1. Email & E-zines

    Use survey forms and auto responders to capture the email address of people interested in your topic... purchase opt-in email list and measure your success. Electronic newsletters can also be beneficial... consider the Joke Of The Day newsletter

    Second strategy - you need to belong to chat groups and forums and participate as a cybercitizen

    Go to to find forums in your target market(s).

    The third venue is what I call traditional... that's the process of including your web site address on all your business cards, letterhead, brochures, handouts, etc.

    The 4th strategy is partnering or link exchange (I think this is the most important, I'll explain why later).

    Jodi Smith: In marketing your website, what are some things you should take into account when actually developing the site?

    John: Jodi - to answer your site design question - 1. Content - value 2. Navigation - ease of use 3. Graphics - simple, smart.

    Glen Christopher: Partnering is a process (grunt work) of making sure that sites that list you name or business name actually link to your site (chamber of commerce, associations, suppliers, and customers. Be prepared to link from your site back to theirs. If you have no friends, associates or viable partners - consider a link exchange organization. Open a 480 pixel by 60 pixel space up on your site and turn it over to a banner exchange network (who will place ads on your site) and earn free banner ad placement at a 2 to 1 ratio.

    Banner ad exchange companies sell the remaining inventory and ad space that they buy in bulk from leading web sites... this is the fifth strategy to participate in.

    Managing banner ads

    Most of the people I talk to are interested in strategy Six, "A Search Engine Strategy"

    Are there any questions?

    Christy: What is the link exchange?

    Glen Christopher: For additional information about link exchange... go to

    Jodi Smith: Yes, on search engines how can you know where you will be listed?

    Glen Christopher: Jodi, I am going to spend a little time talking about how search engines work and which ones are the most important. Jodi, I think this will be very helpful to you and many others.

    Jodi Smith: I know that many times you can be listed on a search engine but be one of the last listings.

    Glen Christopher: Banner ads are like direct mail using the U.S. Postal Service.

    Gail Perry: Glen, on a site like Yahoo, how many clicks occur per minute - how long would 10,000 ads last?

    Glen Christopher: Gail, clicks per minute is really a meaningless measurement - click-thrus per impressions is what you are looking for. Regarding how long...Yahoo could probably display 10,000 ads in a couple of minutes (I guess????).... but they tend spread them out and display randomly for a catalog of advertisers.

    Glen Christopher: expect a 1 to 4 percent response or click-thru... improve click thru rate by targeting your ad in a specific category or search word/term...but targeting also increases your ad rate say $350 for 10,000 views.

    Annie Li: Do you mean we can purchase banners from Yahoo directly?

    Mary Bruce: What are E-zines?

    John: An E-zine is an electronic magazine - setting your site up in a magazine style.

    John: Glen - what are the factors to determine what to charge for a banner ad on our site? Traffic, value???

    Ken Robinson: Are there other popular sites for chat and forum groups other than

    Glen Christopher: John and Ken I will try to get back to your questions and comments at the end...

    The top search engines on the Internet are: AltaVista, Northern Light, Google, Excite, Inktomi and Go-Infoseek

    Christy: Yahoo is not listed as a top search engine? Wow that's hard to believe.

    Glen Christopher: Yahoo is not a search engine!

    Yahoo, Looksmart, Lycos, and NBCi (formally are all human compiled directory services.

    John: I would add,,

    Glen Christopher: Hotbot yes! Askjeeves falls short of traffic and ad revenues to be on the top list (but they do rank high)

    Dogpile is not a search engine or a directory, dogpile is a MetaSearch Engine. A MetaSearch Engine searches other search engines and directories for results. Consider search engines only.

    Session Moderator: Glen, is there a definition that would make it easier to "spot" a search engine?

    Glen Christopher: Search engines do three things... first, they have a spider or crawler - a program that searches the internet looking for web sites that are listed in the search engines data base or have been requested to be listed in a search engine database.

    Second, search engines index the web site, that is that read and copy all the text on the site into the search engines database.

    Third, search engines have a software program that identifies which pages in the index should be listed for a particular searched term and then orders and sequences the results.

    All search programs work differently.

    An in depth analysis of the features in the search engines 3 major components gives several clues to help web marketers achieve high rankings at the popular search engines.

    The most important single feature is the frequency and location that "key" words appear in the body of the web page, in the HTML document.

    Directories do not have spiders (or crawlers)! Instead, directories have teams of people who evaluate and score web pages before they are indexed and searchable in the directory’s search tool.

    I have written a five-page article that lists 10 steps to ranking high in the popular search engines. The article is published in the current issue of InfoTech update, which is published by the American Institute of CPA's.

    Email [email protected] and I will sent you the complete article in a pdf file next week.

    On the list of top search engines above, many of you probably wondered why you never heard of Inktomi and Google. For most of the past two years, Inktomi has been the ultimate OEM of search engines. When you do a search at many of the popular search engines and directories, many of the results you view have come from Inktomi. That is, a search tool will draw upon Inktomi for secondary results. Let me state further, that Yahoo has the smallest index among all of the major search engines. I use search engines generically in the prior statement. Getting your site reviewed by the staff at Yahoo is challenging (which makes Yahoo's $200 Business Submission Review service a must for the serious web site!) On July 1, 2000, Yahoo broke off its relationship with Inktomi and signed with Google. So after the first 10 to 30 results at Yahoo, YOU ARE VIEWING GOOGLE RESULTS!

    Mary Bruce: What do you get for the $200 at Yahoo?

    Glen Christopher: Mary, for $200 Yahoo will guarantee to review your site and if your site meets the requirements of the evaluator/Yahoo, you will almost certainly be listed. When you use the 4 page "free" process for getting listed in Yahoo, there is absolutely no guarantee that your site will ever be evaluated and many requests are discarded on a weekly basis without review.

    Google emphasizes Link Popularity Boosting in its search software - which means the more sites that link to you...(REMEMBER the partnership/ link exchanges strategy I mentioned earlier) the higher your site will rank at Google, i.e. at Yahoo!!!!! Google considers sites that have more links to them from other sites to be the "AUTHORITY" on a given subject matter.

    Thanks for your time everyone

    Session Moderator: Thanks Glen for a great session! Remember, if there's a pressing issue you want to see us cover in a workshop, please email us at [email protected].

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