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Resolutions made for the New Year usually involve more exercise or weight loss or some other self-improvement goal, but ambitious employees might decide that a promise to accelerate their careers would be the best resolution of all.

Dozen of ideas to help with career advancement can be found in the booklet, "Accelerate Your Career; 133 Ways to Perform Better and Get Promoted Faster." "Career advancement strategies that would have been unheard of 10 years ago -- like personal PR campaigns and independent transition coaching -- are being used by proactive managers and executives who want to accelerate their careers and stand out from the competition," says author of the booklet, Dr. Jane Adler, founder of TheRoadtoCEO.com, a leadership development and executive coaching company.

Some of the tips that can be implemented immediately to help with getting a head start on 2007 career goals and separate a person from the crowd are:

1. Come Up with Something Innovative. It does not take an R&D expert to come up with something new. Think of an improvement on an existing idea or product -- someone had to think of all those ice cream and coffee flavors. Maybe the company's day care or spreadsheets could be improved.

2. Make Yourself an Expert. Be more visible by becoming expert in one field, a specialist rather than a generalist. Become the person to come to for help or advice in that field.

3. Make Your Name Known. Increase your visibility and experiences by joining or holding office in a community organization, even write articles or be a speaker. Establish yourself as a leader.

4. Make the Boss Look Good - Always. The boss is your most important customer. Visibility is important, but not at the expense of the boss. Donald Trump uttered his trade mark phrase, "You're fired", to Carolyn Kepcher for supposedly spending too much time on self-promotion. Watch those egos.

5. Develop Skills that are Portable. Your career might last longer than the current job, so spend time enhancing your career marketability and visibility to prepare for the future.

6. Remember the old slogan, "Never let them see you sweat." Be well prepared, whether it be for a formal presentation, informal meeting or a networking occasion. Being natural and delivering in an effortless manner is the result of being well prepared. Demonstrate that you are ready for advancement.

Dr. Robert Karlsberg, leadership performance expert and co-author says, "Today's top leaders achieve their positions based on performance, not entitlement. Ivy League educations and years of tenure with one company are far less important than getting results and making sure that your performance is noticed by the people who count."

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