Jack Fox, M.B.A., Author, speaker, comedian

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Jack FoxJack Fox is an unforgettable speaker, retreat facilitator, practice development consultant, master of ceremonies and accomplished professional stand-up comedian. Knowing that business is not a laughing matter, this results-producing author/consultant/seminar leader has assisted accountants and consultants in starting and building their very own successful businesses for more than twenty years. He is the author of Building a Profitable Online Accounting Practice, Starting and Building Your Own Accounting Business, Accounting and Recordkeeping Made Easy for the Self-Employed, Accountants' Guide to Budgetary Automation, GOD's Business Gamebook and Business Planning Guide, and How to Obtain Your Own SBA Loan.

Jack Fox is Executive Director of The Accounting Guild. This unique Internet based membership organization assists computer knowledgeable accountants to acquire and advise clients in establishing and maintaining accounting, recordkeeping, and other business systems. The Guild networks the accountant in a strategic alliance with other accountants, accounting application software providers, solutions integrators and accounting and other business productivity software publishes who participate as associate members.

This virtual online organization provides the individual affiliated accountant/consultant the ability to provide small to medium-sized business consultation through partnering in resale programs and collateral cooperative services such as configuration, installation and service with other Build members when additional expertise is required. A dialogue feature is available which enables the sharing of collective experience and diminishing one's sense of professional isolation.

The Accounting Guild, Inc.
email: [email protected]
8713 Short Putt Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89134

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