It's National Payroll Week: Get more from your paycheck

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Labor Day is a perfect time for employees to bulk up their bank accounts. Flexible spending accounts and other free services available through company payroll departments can save workers up to 35 percent on things like medical, dental, even dependent care costs. September 3-7 is National Payroll Week and there's no better time for workers to "flex" their paycheck.

One savings tool, flexible spending accounts, can save employees up to 35 percent on qualified medical and dependent care expenses because of the tax advantage of the accounts. These flex accounts allow workers to set aside a portion of their paycheck to pay for medical, dental, and child and adult care costs before taxes are taken out.

Another way for employees to "flex" their paycheck is the Transportation Reimbursement Incentive Program or TRIP. This option will save employees money on parking, mass transit, and other commuting costs by paying with pre-tax dollars.

Signing up for an FSA or TRIP is easy. There are no confusing tax forms to fill out. Workers simply need to contact their payroll department and they might save as much as 35 percent on eligible costs every year.

"Flexible Spending Accounts and TRIP are great tools available through payroll to help workers put more money in their pocket," said Dan Maddux, executive director, American Payroll Association. "Taking just a few minutes to sign up for these programs can equate to a lot of extra money each paycheck."

A 401(k) retirement plan can also provide tax breaks for employees. Just like FSA and TRIP, contributions to a 401(k) are made before taxes are taken out. Workers can save for retirement and defer the income tax until the money is actually withdrawn. Plus, many companies provide matching plans for 401(k) contributions, so any worker not contributing is passing up free money.

National Payroll Week, September 3-7, founded by the American Payroll Association, teaches employees how to unleash the power of their paycheck and maximize their take-home pay. For more information on the campaign and other ways to "flex" a paycheck, visit As America celebrates workers during Labor Day, NPW celebrates the reason people come to work - payroll.

The American Payroll Association is the nation's leader in payroll education, publications, and training, representing more than 23,000 members nationwide. You can visit APA online.

You can watch a video presentation with more payroll tips presented by APA and ADP.

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