Is Free DSL Too Good to be True?

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There are lots of free Internet companies out there to choose from, so it's not surprising that free DSL wouldn't be too far behind. Broadband Digital Group (BDG) has just announced that they want to be the first company to offer the first free, broadband consumer Internet-access service.

The company is offering the chance for potential customers to register for free DSL services. The high-speed connections should be available by April 1, 2000, but there's no word yet where these services will be available and exactly what kind of DSL services will be provided.

BDG plans to “back into” consumers, evidently. The company plans to ask potential customers demographic and geographic questions. If customers are accepted for the service, they will then be asked more detailed questions. BDG will take the information and provide targeted data for potential advertisers.

Potential customers will get the FreeDSL Browser Assistant window, a free POP3 e-mail account, a free high-speed FreeDSL modem, a free copy of the Winfire Browser Assistant and first access to future broadband services in the short run while the company gears up for its April launch.

And if you think this is a pipe dream that is sure to fail, bear in mind that BDG is the latest brainchild of Internet entrepreneur Ryan Steelberg, former co-founder of successful online advertising enterprises AdForce and AdSmart. You just never know!

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