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The Internet is an incredible source of power for you and your employees, but there's another source you may not have considered – Intranets. An intranet is a web site that's available only to your organization. Only you and your employees have access to the information on your company's web site. Big companies wouldn't think about operating without one – should you?

The benefits of intranets are many and include:

. Speeding up and centralizing communications
. Allowing everyone to have a chance to publish on the web site
. Providing a central location for scheduling

You can use an intranet for many things. When you think of the uses, think about connecting people and reducing inefficient practices. A good example of intranet use is document distribution. Rather than printing paper copies of documents, use an intranet to store blank expense reports and sales order forms so everyone in your organization will have access. If you have auditors out in the field, you could even make your intranet accessible from the Web so they could print needed forms.

Intranets also offer flexibility. If you currently produce a black and white printed employee newsletter, for instance, an intranet will allow you to go four-color for less money and the graphic capability is limited only by your imagination!

Look for the second part of this article when we tell you how much an intranet will cost and what it takes to set one up.

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