Client Experience 2.0 Master Class

Client Experience 2.0™ is a ground-breaking mindset + technology approach that gives progressive firms an edge over their competition.  Clients get the modern front-office experience they love (with “easy” being the operative word for every touchpoint with the firm) and staff no longer waste time asking clients repeatedly for documents or searching through multiple platforms for things clients have sent. Designed for forward-thinking leaders of firms of all sizes, this Master Class features content written by leading edge experts like Geni Whitehouse, Randy Johnston, and more.   Check back frequently as articles will be added regularly!

How to Lower Anxiety for You and Your Clients

Overflowing email. Nonstop notifications. Too many apps. Software is great for productivity but too much tech adds stress and anxiety. If you and your clients are feeling a tad overwhelmed and need to dial down the noise while dialing up productivity, this article can help you tame digital burnout using proven techniques. Using lists quells anxiety. So, build them into your client processes.

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Rising Above the Rest – Why CX 2.0™ is the Key

We live in an age of intelligent hyper convenience. With a few taps, swipes, or keystrokes, we can have just about anything delivered right to our door. This is Client Experience 2.0™ (CX2.0) and it’s a requirement to succeed in today’s hyper-connected world. Companies that deliver CX2.0 gain a key competitive advantage as well – they are not only outperforming their peer group but are also building durable online bridges to their clients that will last for years.

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The Best Firms Use the Right Tools for Each Job

Firms that are dedicated to creating a top-notch experience for their clients and their staff need to choose and utilize the best tool for each job they do. Top firms recognize that the efficiency and happiness of their knowledge workers is paramount. At the same time, they need to make things easy for clients. This article makes a compelling case for having separate “front office software” for clients to use, and expert “back office software” for staff.

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Surveying Your Client Experience Level

You’ve probably heard about the importance of providing an amazing experience for your clients at every touchpoint with your firm. It’s logical that this will differentiate your firm from others, and result in clients who are engaged, loyal and responsive. But where do you start in understanding where your firm lies on the spectrum of Client Experience (CX)?  This article will walk you through key steps to understand where your firm is now, so you can create a plan to improve your client experience level in the months ahead.

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Moving to Client Experience 2.0™ – What is Holding You Back?

What’s good for clients is good for business as well. Thriving firms all have one thing in common — happy clients. Firms that make the leap to Client Experience 2.0tm have everything to gain, including more referrals, increased operational efficiency, and higher client retention.  So why isn’t every firm doing this?  What is holding them back?  This article explores common barriers to adoption and how to move past them in order to reap the benefits in 60 days or less, without changing any of your existing tax and accounting software.

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Avoiding the False Dilemma – Why “And” is Sometimes the Best Choice

Have you ever heard a peer say that their clients won’t adapt to new technology? It's unfortunate when accountants adopt this belief, because it belies how much great technology clients have already voluntarily brought into their daily lives. Tablets and smartphones are in every household. We stay in touch via texting and social media. We deposit our checks via our online banking apps on our smartphones.  And the list goes on and on. This article will help you remember why “and” is a better option than “or” when putting together your client experience strategy.

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