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Global Tax Network announces the latest version of its online tax organizer, including download support for Prosystem fx, GoSystem, and Lacerte software.

Global Tax Network (gtn) is an online service that provides an easy to use, convenient online tax organizer for use by individual tax clients. The online organizer supplements existing professional tax software programs.

GTN's online tax organizer allows tax preparers to download client information directly into their tax preparation software. Client data can currently be imported into Prosystem fx and GoSystem, and Lacerte. Both the client and the firm can print data reports for easy review.

Firms may use GTN's standard online tax organizer by becoming a member firm of GTN. Their clients will then be able to use an online organizer that is partially customized to the firm (see GTN's web site at Global Tax Network). GTN's standard online organizer is suggested for firms with only a few offices, but could be used by firms of all sizes.

For firms that want their own fully customized online tax organizer site, GTN will customize an application just as they recently did for PricewaterhouseCoopers, that looks and feels like, and is fully integrated with, a firm's web site. GTN's online tax solution is multi-office ready and provides security similar to online brokerage sites. GTN allows firms with 10, 50, or hundreds of locations to work with clients over one common interface. GTN will even host the customized tax organizer site so firms do not have to dedicate resources to maintenance.

GTN's client interview approach allows clients with all levels of tax return complexity to use the same online tax organizer. Individuals with simple situations only have to view and complete pages that apply to them. The online organizer also handles complex situations including expatriates, self-employed persons, and Schedule E filers.

Firms manage all of their clients that use the online organizer from their online secure accounts. From the firm account, the firm can select, download, and print client data. Client data can also be rolled over to the next tax year so the client doesn't have to re-enter the same information twice.

“Now any firm can be an online tax provider without having to make a large investment,” says Cheri Ludwick, Director of Sales and Marketing for GTN. “The benefit for the firm is that it costs them less to process tax returns using online tax organizers versus traditional paper organizers”.

“Clients appreciate the flexibility of the online tax organizer and find it less confusing than paper organizers,” notes Tim Lenneman, President of GTN. “Online Tax Organizers will be the most accepted method of submitting individual tax information to tax firms in the future”.

For more information, please view the gtn web site at Global Tax Network

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