Fight Hacker Invasions with WebAgain

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A new software that can save your Web site should it be attacked by unscrupulous cyber criminals is now available. The software, WebAgain, is manufactured by Lockstep Systems and sells for $499.

The software works as a stealth utility that automatically detects any unauthorized Web site changes and restores the site without user intervention. The software runs on both Windows NT or 2000.

WebAgain works by intermittently archiving your Web site and then checking for changes. If you make a change or correction on your site, the software immediately archives the changes and continues to look for unauthorized activity. The manufacturer boasts that the software can detect even the slightest change - a letter here and there - that can make your site look unsightly.

The new software is compatible with all major Web authoring programs including Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe GoLive, and PageMill. A nice offer from the manufacturer is that one license can protect multiple company web sites.

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