EY Enters Online Recruitment Arena

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Ernst & Young has announced the launch of a subsidiary, Net-Strike Worldwide, to recruit and provide training for IT consultants utilizing the power of the Internet to serve as the "virtual deployment center" for IT professionals worldwide.

Net-Strike is designing a http://www.netstrikeworldwide.com">Web site devoted to this endeavor for EY and other clients interested in these temporary placement services. Consultants will provide their own listings and qualifications on the website, and clients can search the site for part-time IT talent. A fee is paid by the client if a job is filled.

Employment opportunities in every major industry that touches technology will be offered using the latest market segment tools and development environments.

"The consulting world is filled with people who exaggerate their skills or claim skills that they don't have, and when it's time for them to prove their mettle the client finds out they don't have what it takes. We at Net-Strike are a surety, a guarantor, against these calamities," says company CEO Michael Willner. "Our IT professionals come from the deep end of the talent pool."

Net-Strike will handle administrative matters like INS verifications and tax matters, and will provide ongoing training to its stable of consultants.

E&Y itself will be the major client of Net-Strike, which itself will hire contractors for jobs it cannot do in-house.

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