Election 2000: Your Vote Counts!

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The Texas Society of CPAs has compiled a list of reasons why your vote may make a difference tomorrow on on election day.

Consider this:

  1. One vote made Oliver Cromwell Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England in 1645.
  2. One vote caused Charles I of England to be executed in 1649.
  3. One vote in 1776 determined that Americans would speak English instead of German.
  4. One vote in 1800 kept Aaron Burr, later charged with Treason, from becoming President.
  5. One vote made Texas (1845), California (1850), Idaho (1890), Washington (1889) and Oregon (1859) part of the United States.
  6. One vote saved President Andrew Johnson from impeachment in 1868.
  7. One vote elected Rutherford B. Hayes to the presidency in 1876. The man in the electoral college who cast that vote was an Indiana Congressman who was, himself, elected by one vote.
  8. One vote made Adolph Hitler head of the Nazi Party in 1923.
  9. One vote, in 1941, continued the Selective Service System (the draft) only 12 weeks before Pearl Harbor was attacked.

The bottom line? Get out and vote!

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