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E-mail is an opportunity for you to extend an impression to your recipient. Keep in mind that the protocol that accompanies a written letter also follows e-mail messages. Don't lose your chance to market yourself with your signature line. With most e-mail software packages, an auto signature option is available. Use it to include, at a minimum, your name, your company's name, your full mailing address, contact phone numbers, and company's web site address. If you want to be snazzy, consider including your company's tag line.

Did we mention that e-mail is a great way to send a short message? No? Well, keep in mind that e-mail should be short. If your message is longer than two short paragraphs, it may be more time-efficient to make a short phone call and follow up with a short e-mail that summarizes the high points of the conversation.

When you can, use bullets. Just like writing for the web, keep in mind that bullets help people skim information Bullets can help you outline your thoughts as well. Most e-mail software programs allows bullet use.

Help clean up cyberspace. Some people have the “cover my back” theory when it comes to sending e-mail. You know who they are. They are the people who send you an e-mail and then copy your boss, your secretary, their secretary, their secretary's secretary and everyone else who “just may need to know” the contents of the e-mail. Keep copies to a minimum and only copy those who truly need to know the information.

E-mail can be a great tool if you keep these tips in mind!


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