Do your clients need an angel?

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From individuals with a penchant for entrepreneurial ventures to high-profile industry leaders such as Netscape Communications founder Marc Andreessen and former Microsoft Group Vice President Brad Silverberg “angel investors” are pumping new life into start-ups.

Venture capitalists have long been the place where new companies with a hot idea turned for cash. Now, a lot of companies, especially those connected with the Internet, can get the dollars they need from an “angel investor.” The average venture capitalist fund was over $183 million in 1998. Angels will invest as little as $250,000 in a great idea and, often, that money comes directly from an individual's pocket.

This heavenly breed of investors gets involved with earlier-stage companies that don't require as much money as other companies. Angel investors also may offer advice and guide the fledgling companies. The mentor role gives the angels a way to “give back” to the entrepreneurial community.

The Internet and technology industries have made a lot of people very wealthy. That has introduced a group of people who have the heart and soul of an entrepreneur and the big bucks to help other people's dreams come true. Angel investing must be good. Executives at the height of their career are exchanging a lucrative career in corporate America for wings.

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