Deltek Systems, Inc. Embraces aecXML™ Project, Joins International Alliance for Interoperability

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McLean, Virginia - March 30, 2000 - Deltek Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: DLTK). Deltek and the International Alliance for Interoperability (the Alliance) announced that the McLean-based enterprise solutions provider joined the aecXML Project.

Deltek and the Alliance are joining forces to define the Extensible Markup Language (XML) standards for project and business-to-business communications in the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industry.
Alliance officials estimate that achieving true interoperability in the AEC marketplace would save the industry approximately $7.5 to $15 billion annually. This figure is based on estimates from McGraw-Hill and the CMD Group, which place the annual value of the total U.S., Canadian and Mexican commercial construction markets at $750 billion.

"The Alliance has championed the aecXML schema as the universal language for Internet-based collaboration in the building marketplace," says its Executive Director, Richard Geissler. "The Alliance and its members are confident that aecXML will successfully provide universal interoperability in AEC projects, and that it will function as a universal extension of today's software platforms and databases."

Mr. Geissler emphasized that "The active participation of leading software vendors such as Deltek Systems is critical to the industry's acceptance of the new aecXML standard. As a provider of diverse enterprise solutions and services to AEC firms for nearly two decades, Deltek brings exceptional value and expertise to the aecXML Project in breaking down barriers to communication and in understanding the industry's unique information requirements."

Steve Schultz, Deltek's construction industry director, praised the Alliance's proactive approach, adding, "Deltek commends the Alliance for its leadership and the progress it has achieved in focusing the AEC industry's attention on this critical effort. We look forward to working with the Alliance and its members to continue developing a universal language that will make A2A (application-to-application) Internet-based sharing of information a reality. The aecXML Project will ultimately revolutionize the way AEC and other professional services organizations process business transactions."

Deltek's Executive Vice President for Software Development Eric Brehm observed that "Despite advances in technology and information management systems, many AEC firms are still fragmenting their data by manually transferring project information among customers, partners and other industry sectors. The impact of data fragmentation on a company can be substantial, causing losses of data integrity, costly inefficiencies in coordinating among personnel, projects and resources, as well as lost revenues and opportunities."

Mr. Brehm points out that "Deltek is already helping AEC firms by offering Internet-based business-to-business and enterprise relationship management solutions that consolidate fragmented information about customers and projects into one centralized and integrated system. Using XML standards will allow our customers to leverage the power of the Internet by freely exchanging information and collaborating with other organizations using the same or other compliant interoperable platforms."

Extensible Markup Language, or XML, is a meta-markup language that provides a universal data format for describing structured information. The "extensibility" of the XML language makes it a very powerful business tool for communicating and collaborating on the Internet. By developing and implementing an "XML schema" or relational vocabulary specific to AEC projects, organizations using the same schema could use their existing software applications to send, receive, access and retrieve virtually any type of project document or transactional data.

It also gives AEC firms a much more efficient and effective way for taking advantage of e-collaboration and e-commerce opportunities, such as coordinating and synchronizing related project information with clients as well as doing business with suppliers and purchasers of equipment, materials, supplies, parts and services.

Deltek's President and CEO, Ken deLaski says that, "By actively participating in the aecXML Project, Deltek is working to ensure that the ideas, issues and concerns of our current AEC customers become part of the aecXML standards development and implementation process. Our Alliance membership also furthers Deltek's mission to help professional services organizations achieve project-business success by providing them with flexible and reliable solutions that make the most of proven technologies."

About the International Alliance for Interoperability

The Alliance's mission is to facilitate dramatic change within the AEC and Facility Management community by developing technical criteria upon which all software can become interactive, trading vital information based upon dynamic object oriented models. Incorporated in the U.S. in 1995 as a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) alliance of public and private sector interests, it has since become a worldwide organization representing more than 600 entities. The Alliance's diverse membership includes architects and engineers, software providers, product vendors, construction companies, communications firms, and government agencies, universities, and research laboratories in 24 countries.

About Deltek Systems, Inc.

Deltek® is a leading provider of business software and solutions to companies in professional services and project-based industries. The company's solutions encompass project and financial accounting, customer relationship management, time and expense reporting, proposal automation, project and resource management, human resources and payroll, business intelligence, and e-business for service firms. Deltek supports over 5,000 businesses worldwide with a dedicated staff of 700 professionals, each contributing unique knowledge and experience in all areas of professional services automation.

The company's integrated services offerings include premium-level customer support and software maintenance for all registered customers, implementation and practice management consulting, and classroom training. For more information, visit Deltek at, or call 800/456-2009 in the U.S., and +44-07000-335835 in the U.K.

Deltek Media and Investor Relations Contacts:

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