Day 67: Squat

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Whenever I think of squats, I think of little ducklings following their mother, and I think of the adorable McDonald's television commercial with the little girls acting like ducklings. Maybe what we need is a parade of accountants squatting and following each other around the halls of an accounting firm. Please send a video!

According to the folks at, squatting can benefit almost every muscle in your body.

Step 1: Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Step 2: Cross your arms on your chest.

Step 3: Keep your back straight and look forward while you bend the legs to 90 degrees.

Step 4: Return to the start position.

Repeat up to 20 times.

While doing this exercise, keep the pressure of your weight on your heels, not your toes. If you're new to squats, try repeating this exercise just five times, and then you can work up to 20 repetitions in the future.

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